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Family is about love, not DNA

Adoptions are how I began my practice in 2018. I understand that the circumstances around adoption can often be complicated and emotionally challenging. It's always been my goal to make the legal process as smooth as possible, so that you can focus on your family instead of the technicalities.


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Sleeping Baby

Private Adoptions

Representation for adoptive parents working with an agency.

Outdoor Wedding

Stepparent Adoption

Representation for parents seeking to adopt a stepchild.

Baby's Grasp

Independent Adoption

Representation for families seeking to adopt without an agency.

Boy Holding a School Cone

DFCS Adoptions

Adoption through the Georgia foster care system.

Gay Couple with their Daughter

Second Parent Adoption

Representation for co-parents seeking to adopt their partner's child.


Adult Adoption

Representation for parents seeking to legally adopt an adult.

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